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April 2016

Cheesy Moinks


A play on the combination of cow and pig, Moinks (moo-oinks) are a great BBQ canapé to keep your friends happy while waiting for the meat! Pick whichever cheese you prefer to stuff them with, Stilton, Cheddar, Brie, Mozzarella are but a few!

Cheesy Moinks2016-04-22T13:45:03+01:00

Honey Smoked Beetroot Sliders (V)


For BBQ lovers looking for a change to the norm or catering for non meat eaters, these sliders are very very hard to Beet (sorry, couldn't resist it). The flavours really pop and whilst you might not convert carnivores, you'll certainly give them pause for thought.

Honey Smoked Beetroot Sliders (V)2016-04-22T13:12:01+01:00

Beer Butt Chicken


It’s amazing the moisture and flavour that can be added to chicken by simply sitting it on a can of beer! Whether the chicken tastes better because of the gentle steaming and aroma from the beer, or simply because it cooks better in an upright position is a matter of some conjecture.

Beer Butt Chicken2016-04-22T12:18:53+01:00