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Blue’s Smokehouse

Arrive Hungry • Leave Happy

Nibblers @ the Bar

Something to snack on whilst you enjoy a drink.

Mixed Smoked Nuts £2.00

Cashews, Brazils and more, rubbed and roasted in our smokers.

Nachitos £2.50

Golden triangles with our chipotle and cilantro sour cream and our smoked salsa.

Ideal with a cold brew from our selection of craft and international beers and ciders. Or as the perfect accompaniment to a cocktail or two.


Jalapeno Torpedos  4.95

Imagine a fat, juicy jalapeño, sliced in half, stuffed with a creamy 3 cheese and sausage mix, wrapped in bacon and smoked to perfection.
Devilishly tasty and perfect with an ice cold beer!

Kickin’ Wings – Regular (6 pcs) 4.95  Large (12 pcs) 9.50

Dusted in our spices deep-fried until crispy and sauced with your choice of Spicy II or Fiery III

Cheesy poppers (v) 3.50

Little balls of mac’ n’ cheese cloaked in breadcrumbs and deep fried until golden – lil’ critters love ’em!

Loaded Chilli cheese Nachos (v)  4.95

Our house chilli dip with melted cheese and sour cream and fabulous homemade nachos with chipotle & cilantro sour cream and smoked tomato and chilli salsa

Gator Egg  4.50

Easy tiger, they’re not really from Gators. A mix of pulled pork, potato and spices, wrapped around a soft-boiled egg and deep fried until crispy and delicious – like a Scotch Egg but much, much better.

BBQ Classics

Direct from our American BBQ smokers


Meal includes 2 Short Sides

Rack of St Louis BBQ Ribs Full Slab 18.50 | Half 11.50

Smoked until they are tender, sweet & sticky, then bathed in our Cherry Bourbon sauce. Get down & sticky & don’t share, unless you really love your friends.

Baby Back Ribs 12.95

A full rack of baby back ribs! Sticky, juicy, moist and oh so tasty.

Ultimate Brisket n’ Burnt Ends £13.50

Rubbed with our secret blend of spices & left for 24 hours before being slow smoked over hickory for around 16 hours until its juicy & tender. Burnt Ends are tender moist little nuggets of melt-in-the-mouth brisket.

Pulled Pork Carolina Style £10.95

Our Boston Butt (pork shoulder) spends a goodly time enjoying a Carolina spiced rub before a smoking over hickory wood until the Pit Boss declares “it’s cooked to perfection”.

BBQ Half Chicken 10.95

Bathed overnight with a fusion of herbs & spices before being rotisseried.

Blue’s Special Link Sausage 8.95

Our own recipe American style BBQ sausages made from a mix of pork & beef with secret herbs & spices gently smoked over hickory.

Hickory Smoked Pork Belly Square 9.95

Prime pork belly, maple glazed and gently rubbed before smoking. Served with cider braised red cabbage and apple, it’s lip-smakin’ good!


The Challenge 40.00

A full rack of Spare Ribs, Pulled Pork, BBQ Chicken, sliced Brisket, Burnt Ends, & Sausages, all served on a big old platter. Why not set your buddy up with a Man V Food challenge & get his or her name on the wall with a photo & a T-shirt to take home!

the Do-It-Yourself Platter

choose a minimum of two meats

  • Carolina Pulled Pork (200g)  5.00

  • St Louis Ribs (half rack)  8.50

  • Baby Back Ribs (full rack)  10.50

  • Brisket & Burnt Ends (½ portion)  5.95

  • Link Sausages (two)  3.50

  • Pork belly (200g)  7.00

  • Half Chicken  7.95

  • kickin’ wings (6pcs)  4.95

Don’t forget to order some sides to suit!

Southern Specials

Dish Delish

Glazed-Rump-SteakBourbon Glazed Rump Steak 12.50

Marinated for extra tenderness, an 8oz steak from the flank of the finest steers, chargrilled to your preference served with fries, onion rings & slaw.

Smokey Hot Pot 12.50

A bowl of Smoked Chicken, & Pulled Pork with vegetables corn & beans in a thick, rich, smokey sauce. Big & hearty with a chunk of San Francisco sourdough to soak-up the remains!

Texas State Chilli 9.50

Chilli the way it was on the plains – spiced & marinated chunks of beef mixed in with beans and topped off with grated cheese. All served with our own tortillas (ok the last bit’s a bit Tex Mex, but we really love em!).

Kickin’ Wings (12 pcs) 9.95

Dusted in our spices deep-fried until crispy and sauced with your choice of Spicy or Fiery.

Lighter Meals

Why not try one of our lighter dishes. Still full of flavour, just a bit lighter…

Meat Free

Packed full of flavour like our bbq classics…

Five bean Chilli (v) 9.50

A mixture of our favourite beans, smoked & then slow cooked in a rich chilli sauce served with our own tortillas topped with cheese, sour cream & pickled jalapeño, served with a medley of brown and white rice.

White Sox Dog (v)  5.50

(The Chicago White Sox made baseball history when they began selling vegetarian hot dogs during games at Cosmikey Park)
With tomatoes salsa, and chilli sauce.

Macaroni cheese Pie (v)  8.50

Recipe is courtesy of Sonia, Karibu Rum Shack, St James, Barbados. Ask your server if you want to know the whole story.

Havana burger (v)  7.00

3 bean Mozzarella burger with smoked paprika, herbs and spices.

From the Bayou

Enhance your fish dish with sides or salad to make it perfect!

Swordfish Steak  9.95

Pan fried to perfection, complemented with our Chimichurri dressing (fresh chopped: parsley, oregano, a lil’ garlic, cider vinegar and olive oil).

Blackened Salmon Steak 10.50

With our smokey tomato and chilli salsa.

Mississippi Mudcat  8.50

Catfish fillets in a crispy spiced corn meal coating deep fried and served with a zingy chipotle and coriander cream.

Mudcat Review:
Wow… Simply one of the nicest bits of fish I have ever tasted!! Cooked to perfection, piping hot and just melts in mouth! Tender and with a lovely seasoned breadcrumb topping. Chips are also seasoned and tasty served with dip and “slaw” kinda like coleslaw with out the mayo :/ defo a 10/10


Keep it guilt-free, or be a bit naughty and add a meat dish  from the “do-it-yourself” bbq platter section…

Beetroot, orange & pecan salad (v) 7.50

With a wholegrain mustard dill and caper dressing.
Perfect with brisket.

Blue’s Wedge Salad 7.50

The American classic revisited, 1/4 iceberg lettuce, slow roasted tomatoes, crumbled Stilton, spring onions and smoked streaky bacon,
with blue cheese dressing.
As a starter or share with friends.

Quinoa & Fennel salad (v)  7.50

Fennel 2 ways with al dente quinoa, celery, parsley coriander and mint, lime juice and a pinch of cumin.
Will go well with our “from the Bayou” section.

Butternut squash, Feta, mixed seeds and pomegranate pearls (v)  7.50

Roasted squash garnished with love and dressed with a li’l hint of chilli, fresh cilantro, and zingy lime – yum scrum!

Burgers & Dogs

A meal in a bun…


Our homemade burgers are ground from prime British Beef with our own seasonings & served in toasted brioche buns.

Blue’s Smokehouse Burger 7.00

Our delicious 6oz patty made from English prime beef, flame-grilled and served with mayo, shredded lettuce, tomato, smoked onions and pickled gherkin.

Mr President 12.00

Our Blue’s burger with, piled high with pulled pork and brisket, not for the faint hearted!

The Pit Boss 10.50

Our Blue’s Burger, with smoked Pork Belly slices, Monterey Jack cheese and, Redpeppajam.

The Piggy Back 8.50

Our Blue’s burger topped with Pulled Pork & Carolina sauce.

Really hungry? Add another 6oz beef patty for 3.50 – Still hungry? Add Monterey Jack cheese 0.60 &/or Bacon 0.60

Less Beefy

The Bo Peep 8.50

A sweet minty lamb and crushed pea patty in a bun with a refreshing lettuce, feta, cucumber and mint salsa.

Cheeky B 7.50

A crispy fried escalope of chicken, served in a bun, loaded with piri piri mayo, lettuce & tomato.

The Black & Blue 8.95

Cajun coated chicken breast chargrilled with melted blue cheese.

Classic American Dog 5.50

With tomato salsa, smoked onions, and American mustard swirl.

Mucky Dog 7.95

Our Classic American smothered with Chilli & Cheese.

Pulled Pork Dog 7.50

Our Classic American loaded with smoked onions and Pulled Pork.


To give greater choice and some lighter options, we’ve expanded our range of sides, we hope you approve!

Short Sides 2.50

Skin on fries (v)

Our house dry slaw with sweet & sour dressing (v)
(no mayo in sight!)

Mixed salad with quinoa (v)

Onion rings (v)

Corn bowl (v)

Medley of brown and white rice (v)

Long Sides 3.95

BBQ beans

Sweet potato fries (v)

Lil’ wedge salad

Macaroni cheese pie (v)

A side version of any of our awesome salads

Lunch (Wrap n’ Roll)

Served from 12-5 Monday to Saturday.

All lunches served with skin-on Fries

Blue’s chicken wrap  6.50

A soft flour tortilla, loaded with our delicious chicken, lettuce and brushed with caesar dressing, cheddar and diced tomatoes… Classic and beautifully tasty.

The Rib Wrap  6.50

Full of smoke flavour ST Louis Ribs with our Hoisin BBQ sauce and the traditional cucumber and spring onions – Soooo goooood.

The Californian wrap (v)  6.50

Butternut Squash, Feta, mixed seeds and pomegranate pearls.

Blue’s Burrito  7.50

Chilli, brisket, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream and jalapeños all wrapped up in a tortilla and finished on the grill – it’s huge!

Following on a choice of wholegrain rustic roll or soft white deli roll.

Carolina Pulled Pork Roll  6.50

A soft roll, loaded with Pulled Pork, slaw and sliced pickled jalapeños, on a bed of lettuce & tomato.

BBQ Chicken Roll  6.50

A soft roll, loaded with shredded chicken, house mayo and slaw on a bed of lettuce & tomato.

Kids & Desserts

Lil’ Critters – all £4.95

Kids, if you’d rather munch away with your own plate of food, here are some dishes just for you:

All critters meals served with short side and a drink.

Half Rack of Baby back Ribs

A half rack of baby back ribs! Sticky, juicy, moist and oh so tasty.

Chicken & Chips (or any short side)

A tasty and juicy butterflied, grilled chicken breast.

Junior Blue’s Burger

4oz Beef patty, griddled and served in a sesame seed bun with mayo, lettuce & tomato. All the juicy flavour of our delicious burgers only junior-sized.

Fish & Chips (or any short side)

Fillets of white fish in a crispy spiced corn meal coating, deep fried and super deelish!

Frankfurter Hot Dog

It’s an American classic – what can we say.

Macaroni cheese pie

Mini macaroni, baked together with cream and plenty of melting cheese.

Allergies & intolerances.

Please click here to see/download our allergen sheet.

Please be sure to confirm your requirements with your server at the time of booking to ensure recipes haven’t changed.

Just Desserts

Classic American Desserts £4.95

We have some great American Classic desserts. Problem is, even we don’t know what’s available week-to-week. Luckily your server does, so please ask them about today’s awesome desserts.

Ice Cream & Milkshake Bar

Ice Cream Sundae £4.95

Two fabulous scoops of your favourite ice cream separated by cream sprinkled with nuts, topped off with a chocolate syrup, strawberry and chocolate biscuit twirl, OMG leave space for this one!

Milkshakes – Choose from any of our great flavours £4.25

Thick, rich and positively delicious – experiment with our flavours below…

Ice cream – any two scoops  £3.95

Ask your server or go to the bar and glory over fab choices (and specials).

Vanilla Irresistibly smooth Vanilla ice cream made with real Madagascan vanilla for a delicious, authentic taste.

Triple chocolate Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and white chocolate pieces.

Strawberry sauce Strawberry ice cream with strawberry pieces and strawberry sauce.

Praline Smooth milk chocolate with a delicate hint of hazelnut.

Marshmallow & Bubblegum Primary ingredient in our Marshmallow “burger” (ask the crew) deeelish.

White chocolate Sweet, cool and delicious.

Vanilla cookie Luxury vanilla with chocolate and cookie.

Coconut A true favourite for any coconut lover.